April 30, 2018
Issue 4 2018
Film Review

Film Review: Blockers (2018)

Blockers exceeded my expectations as a coming-of-age comedy film, despite the premise surrounding female virginity.

It is prom night and three girl friends that have known each other since primary school are planning to all lose their virginities the same night. Their parents are all of differing quality in the parenting department. Lisa (Leslie Mann) is a lonely single mother overly attached to her daughter, while Mitchell (John Cena) still sees his daughter as a little princess. Finally, Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) is an MIA father who hasn’t treasured his relationship with his daughter as much as he should have. The three parents are not impressed by the #sexpact2018 and they try to “c**k block” the girls all night. A premise that raises the hackles, but one that eventuated on screen better than expected.

A few cheap laughs were tried unsuccessfully and the best jokes came from the children rather than the adults of the film. Despite the subject matter, the film played on every ‘hot topic’ of late, and managed to show true consent well within the scenes of the girls about to lose their virginities. It was surprising in a comedy film, but quite refreshing to have a funny but respectful scene about sex.

Most of the acting was pretty good, except for professional wrestler John Cena. I could see the thinking cogs turning behind his acted expressions the whole film.  Also he was cheaply used as the lovable big guy to laugh at. However, on the whole this is a very watchable comedy, with jokes to appeal to everyone.