April 30, 2018
Issue 4 2018
Music Review

Aurora - All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

While I anticipate the release of Aurora’s sophomore album, I reminisce on the time when I discovered her music a few years back and instantly fell in love with her music. 

I found her song Runaway on YouTube, where the Norwegian is seen parading around in the woods and snow, and her beautiful, angelic voice matches the picturesque scenery while she sings about yearning for home. It is one of many beautiful songs on her debut album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend, that Katy Perry says makes her ‘heart a flutter’.  

The album is the epitome of Aurora - pure, raw and innocent, though her lyrics can be dark and deeply personal, but it feels gentle and honest. Her songs Warrior and Conqueror are two of the most up-beat, happy songs on the record, but hidden inside them are feelings of sadness. But there’s always a sliver of hope in them, let love conquer your mind / warrior / just reach out for the light. Aurora seems to feel things deeply, perhaps more than others, and channels that sensitivity in her songs. 

My favourites would have to be Under The Water which sounds much like a Bjork song, and Through The Eyes Of A Child as it sounds like a beautiful lullaby. Her new album is going to be much more fierce with powerful songs like The Seed that talks about the issues of climate change and the destruction of the earth. Another favourite is Queendom which is a song especially for her fans. I got to meet her at Laneway and she is the sweetest, smallest, most angelic human being on the entire planet.